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The Location field must be a location in North America (USA or Canada) containing a street address, a postal or zip code, a street intersection, a landmark, ip address, a city, a point (latitude,-longitude) or a combination of these location entities.
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More jsonp examples:
  1. zip+4 code in USA: 75704-2933
  2. on 5 digit zip code USA: 75704
  3. in Canada: K2C1N5
Node.js module to interface with the API
Recent Queries:
  1. 10 Maplewood Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930
  2. 8102 Rebawood Dr, Atascocita, TX 77346
  3. 5701 Norfolk Ln, Lebanon, TX 75035
  4. 1244 Patterson Ave, Anacostia, DC 20003
  5. 7408 JACQUELINE-AURIOL, Terrasse-des-Pins, QC G2G1N9
  6. 250 Gatineau, gamelin, QC J8Y1W9
  7. 1000 Bay ST , TORONTO, ON M4Y1J6
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How can I use it? You can do geo lookups on this page, or if you wish to use our geocoding services for your web application, data visualization and standardization, or other applications that require mapping locations to geographical coordinates and vice versa, see the services page or go directly to our geocoding port XML api pages.

Who uses It is easy to use our real time geocoding port to build location aware web applications (examples: Canada | USA.)
Many other applications also use our services. Some of them are mentioned here.