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The Location field must be a location in North America (Mexico, USA, Canada) containing a street address, a postal or zip code, a street intersection, a landmark, ip address, a city, neighborhood name, plan/block/lot/parcel/legal subdivision descriptor, a point (latitude,-longitude) or a combination of these location entities.
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HTML ExamplesXML, JSON, JSONP & CSV Examples
More json examples:
  1. zip+4 code in USA: 75704-2933
  2. on 5 digit zip code USA: 75704
  3. in Canada: K2C1N5
More jsonp examples:
  1. zip+4 code in USA: 75704-2933
  2. on 5 digit zip code USA: 75704
  3. in Canada: K2C1N5
Node.js module to interface with the API
Recent Queries:
  1. 248 SW Oakland DR, ATLANTA, GA 30310
  2. 416 E 73rd ST, NEW YORK, NY 10021
  3. 2350 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY 10024
  4. 220 W 98th ST, NEW YORK, NY 10025
  5. 149 Peace ST , CANNINGTON, ON L0E1E0
  6. 26 Navigators TRAIL , Bobcaygeon, ON K0M1A0
  7. 10 MAPLEHURST AVE , Ottawa, ON K2H9G2
  8. 9819 98 AVE , Wembley, AB T0H3S0
  10. SE 1/4SEC 33 TWP55 RGE5 W4M ELK POINT AB
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SFAQ (Selected Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the geocoding accuracy? We generally return two types of geocoding results, Rooftop / Parcel Geocoding and Street Interpolation Geocoding. (The other types as based on postal/zip codes, city/neighborhood names, ip addresses, etc).
Currently over 40% of the geocoding requests we receive return Rooftop results with Confidence Score = 1.
Interpolated results have a maximum Confidence Score of 0.9.
for Example:
  1. 2525 Olympic ST, SPRINGFIELD, OR 97477 (Rooftop)
  2. 2524 Olympic ST, SPRINGFIELD, OR 97477 (Interpolated)
How can I use it? Use the free API or Create an account for batch geocoding and premium api access. (see the services page or read the XML api docs.)

Who uses It is easy to use our real time geocoding port to build location aware web applications (examples: Canada | USA | Both USA and Canada.)
Many other applications also use our services. Some of them are mentioned here.